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About MKRoots

who is mk?


MK is a young and gifted hair stylist in Ontario, Canada who is passionate about hair and beauty. She provides the finest quality of custom-made wigs constructed with 100% virgin hair extensions.  She is well known for her customized wigs, allowing women to experience the versatility and flexibility of the wig life, without compromising on style and comfort. “She is all about the "Effortless Slay".

MK is self-taught and her passion for hair and beauty is reflected in her innovative techniques that are evident in her work. 

MK Roots was established in 2018 by MK during her undergraduate studies. She not only provides quality hair services but also offers classes where she helps anyone who is interested in enhancing their skills or simply has a love for hair. If you are looking to learn how to slay, she is the perfect teacher for you. She teaches with detail, precision and patience. 

Marble Surface



How satisfying is it if your wig application can be as easy as slapping on your wig and heading out of the door? MKRoots is committed to providing the easiest wigs for beginners. The straight wigs, bob wigs and curly wigs on this site need little to no maintenance. They are the best wigs for new wig wearers.

With  MKRoots, even as a newbie, you can slay your wig like a pro. We have done everything for you to save you from plucking the hairline, bleaching the knots, doing bald cap method and sewing the elastic band. 

When you get a MKRoots Beginner wig, you’ll have a brand new wig life experience. Start to install your wig by adjusting the pre-sewn elastic straps to have a more secure and snug fit, then cut the lace in a zigzag motion. Lastly, give your hair a little final touch and you are good to go. If required, apply our lace tint to get the perfect match to your skin tone.

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